A comprehensive reference for integrating with the Cladfy Credit Profiling API endpoints.

Welcome to cladfy API documentation

The Cladfy API is a simple and secure HTTPs API that accepts JSON payloads as input parameters and returns actionable data in JSON format.


JSON fields can be in any order!

Most Cladfy endpoints return JSON-formatted data. JSON keys can be in any order, which means that the objects in the API Reference's example responses might be ordered differently than the ones you'll see in practice. This is perfectly normal.

Whether you're new to the Cladfy API or refreshing your knowledge, this is where you can quickly get started integrating our APIs with our documentation and resources.

We recommend that you pay particular attention to the various endpoints supported by our API, along with the input parameters and the different interaction modes of these endpoints.


HTTP status codes

While the Cladfy API uses HTTP transport, we do not currently leverage HTTP status codes to report error conditions outside of a limited set of site-wide issues. For more details about HTTP status codes, see HTTP status codes.