Cladfy empowers fintech lenders to offer credit facilities, savings, and other financial services by leveraging a suite of credit assessment tools beyond traditional credit scores.

Cladfy's Credit Assessment Suite: A Broader View

Our solutions complement each other to provide an individual's or MSME's well-rounded financial profile. these solutions include:

  1. Cash Flow Analysis: Analyzes bank statements to assess income stability and repayment capacity. Client Cash Flow Analysis
  2. Repayment Score: Evaluates historical repayment behavior to predict future performance. Borrower Repayment Score
  3. Demographic Score: Considers borrower demographics like age, education, occupation, and income to assess creditworthiness for those with limited credit history. Client Demographic Score
  4. Deposit Score: Analyzes deposit history to understand a borrower's savings habits and potential for meeting future financial obligations. Client Deposit Score


By combining these tools, lenders gain a deeper understanding of a borrower's financial health, leading to:

  • Reduced Risk: More comprehensive data allows for better risk assessment, minimizing defaults.
  • Responsible Lending: Informed decisions ensure borrowers receive suitable loan products that meet their needs.
  • Financial Empowerment: Fintech lenders can empower borrowers by offering them credit opportunities they may not have qualified for otherwise.

Building a Fair and Inclusive Financial Future

We're dedicated to financial inclusion and providing access to credit for everyone, regardless of background. That means making sure our decisions are fair and unbiased.

Here's how we achieve this:

  • Focus on Relevant Data: We base our decisions on your financial history and other information that helps us understand a customer’s ability-to-repay.
  • Mitigating Bias: We're constantly evaluating and improving our models to minimize any potential bias that may arise.
  • Continuous Assessment: We'll keep evolving our practices and staying at the forefront of responsible decision-making in financial services.


Building Inclusive Products

We Exclude the following Data Categories: Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Religion, National Origin, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Medical History, and Political Opinion.